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Version 0.4.1

Released 7 DEC 2012

  • Adding plugin system for PDF-sheets
  • Definition of a Sheet interface for the plugins
  • Reworking the BasicSheet to use the new interface and plugin system

Version 0.4.0

Released 10 NOV 2012

  • start using Apache Maven for building this project [OK]
  • migrate data to the database: skills, skillgroups, qualities, metatypes (currently XML-files) [OK]
  • magic: traditions [OK], spells [OK], magician sheet [OK]
  • replace class DB by DBUtils [OK]
  • Data: spells from War! [OK]
  • Data: skills from Running Wild [OK]
  • Data: lifestyle qualities from Running Wild [OK]
  • Data: vehicles from War! [OK]

Version 0.3.0

Released 26 APR 2010

New features:

  • Vehicle database [OK]
  • Vehicle editor [OK, rev. 127]
  • Advanced lifestyles from Runner Companion [OK]
  • Lifestyle sheet (PDF) added [OK]
  • Moving data to a real database + using an ORM system (Hibernate) to access this database [core functionality OK]

Other changes:

  • bugfix: change weight limit , 99.9 kg is not enough, especially when you're a troll...[OK]

Version 0.2

first usable version

Version 0.1

technology preview

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