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Building SR4Toolbox

Building SR4Toolbox is straightforward to do. First you need to setup your build environment. The following tools are needed:

  • a Java SDK, at least version 1.6 is required
  • Apache Maven

Compiling in 3 easy steps

  • step 1: get the source and libraries, from SVN or unpack the tarball
  • step 2: build the program and installer using Apache Maven


Step 1: get the source

To get the source, you can check it out from SVN:

svn co https://sr4toolbox.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/sr4toolbox/trunk sr4toolbox

The libraries are downloaded by Maven while building the project


Step 2: build the project

Apache Maven is used to build the whole project: building the jars, building the database en creating the installer:

mvn clean install







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